Round tables




Schedule of events

8:00 AMDoors Open
8:30 AMBjorn: Tree Critiques
9:00 AMMarija: Exhibit walkthrough
Andrew: Lecture: Shohin Display
Mauro: Pop-Up Demo A – Cleaning and wiring a juniper
9:30 AMYoung: Workshop#1 Kusamono w/ NA Natives
10:00 AMBjorn, Marija, Tyler, Andrew, and Mauro: Professional Roundtable on transitioning raw collected or field-grown trees to bonsai w/Q&A session
Other events: Workshop #15 Azalea w/ Dave Kreutz
11:30 AMMarija: Lecture + Q&A: Yamadori collection and aftercare
Mauro: Tree Critiques
12:00 PMTyler: Workshop #2 Large Junipers
12:30 PMYoung and Andrew: Pop-Up Demo C – Creating a seasonal display
1:00 PMBjorn: Workshop #3 Sekka Hinoki
Marija: Workshop #4 Fused Trident Maples
1:30 PMYoung: Kusamono Exhibit walkthrough
2:30 PMAndrew: Workshop #5 Shohin Chinese Elms and Harland boxwoods
Mauro: Exhibit walkthrough
3:00 PMYoung: Lecture + Q&A: Kusamono, how to get started
3:30 PMMauro: Pop-Up Demo D – TBD
4:30 PMBjorn: Exhibit walkthrough
Young: Pop-Up Demo E Kusamono creation
5:00 PMMauro: Lecture + Q&A: Pines
5:30 PMBar opens
6:00 PMBuffet opens
6:30 PMAwards Ceremony
7:00 PMSimultaneous demo
Bjorn, Marija, Tyler, Andrew, and Mauro
8:00 AMDoors Open
8:30 AMBjorn: Workshop #6 Lg Junipers
Tyler: Exhibit walkthrough
Mauro: Workshop #7 Bring your own tree
9:00 AMMarija and Andrew: Lecture + Q&A: Hornbeams
9:30 AMTyler: Workshop #8 Cryptomeria
Young: Pop-Up Demo F – Kokadama moss ball creation
10:30 AMMarija: Tree Critiques
11:00 AMYoung: Lecture – Collecting for Kusamono
Andrew: Pop-Up Demo G – Forest Creation
12:30 PMMarija: Pop-Up Demo B – Deciduous spring cutbacks
Andrew: Exhibit walk (Center Hall A)
Mauro: Tree Critiques
1:00 PMOther events: Workshop #14 – Shohin Crabapples and Mugo Pines
1:30 PMTyler: Tree Critiques
Young: Kusamono Exhibit walkthrough #2
2:00 PMMarija: Workshop #16 – Bring your own tree
2:30 PMBjorn, Tyler, Andrew, and Mauro: Professional RoundTable NA Natives for Bonsai w/ Q&A
3:00 PMYoung: Workshop #9 Seasonal kusamono
4:00 PMTyler: Pop-Up Demo I: Pinching spruce
4:30 PMBjorn: Lecture: 4 good species for beginners in bonsai
Andrew: Tree Critiques
Mauro: Pop-Up Demo J: Large bends and wedge cuts
5:30 PMBar opens
6:00 PMSpeed-styling demo
Bjorn, Marija, Tyler, Young, Andrew, and Mauro
7:00 PMAuction and Dinner
8:00 AMDoors Open
8:30 AMBjorn: Workshop #14 BYOT
Marija: Workshop #10 Ginkgos
Tyler: Pop-up demo K – Repotting Boxwood
Andrew: Workshop #11 Beech
Mauro: Workshop #12 JBPs
9:00 AMYoung: Workshop#13 Accent creation
9:30 AMOther events: Potter Roundtable + Q&A
10:00 AMTyler: Lecture + Q&A: Single flush pines seasonal work
11:00 AMTyler: Tree Critiques
12:00 PMExhibition Tree Pickup